Boatanchors at Poughkeepsie

Sat Apr 28 13:13:03 EDT 2001

Hi Everyone,

I posted a message yesterday about bringing some boatanchor gear
to the Poughkeepsie, NY hamfest tomorrow (Sunday)  (and got my
self in deep trouble with Gene Rippen, owner of the BA Swaplist
in the process).

Since that posting, I've spoken to a good friend (Bud, W2BKR)
who is planning to bring a huge amount of boatanchor gear and
parts as well that might be of interest to many readers of this
list. Bud doesn't have internet access so I offered to place
this posting for him. Just a few of the items he mentioned to me
that I can remember are:

A nice R-390
Johnson KW Matchbox
Swan MK II Linear
Several Thordarson modulation transformers
National HRO-60 in need of work
and a very large assortment of Heath gear.

My hope is that this will help connect Bud with those who would
be happy to find this stuff and maybe boost hamfest attendance
as well.

Here is a link to hamfest information:


Denis Sharon  W1AOK
Ridgefield, CT

(I won't be sending this to the BA Swaplist as Gene has banished
me for my sin).

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