TBW transmitter info wanted

howard holden holden at NAC.NET
Sat Aug 11 20:08:50 EDT 2001

No, this TBW is NOT for sale! Found a TBW Intermediate Freq transmitter
in a watertight case among odds and ends at the NJ Naval Museum/USS
Ling, SS297. The Ling's fitting-out records don't show the TBW as an
original item. Any ideas on where/why/by whom the TBW would have been
used, particularly the intermediate freq transmitter? Incidentally it
covers 350 to 1000 Kc, uses an 807 oscillator and 803 amp. How many
other sections are part of the TBW? Power supply, modulator, HF section?
This thing is pristine, has apparently never been used, or used very
little.  Any info/anecdotes most appreciated!

Thanks, Howie WB2AWQ/NX2ND

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