Need advice on chassis cleaning

Stu Willcox W7FE Stuw7fe at AOL.COM
Sat Aug 11 19:31:46 EDT 2001


I'm looking for advice on what works best for cleaning chassis and associated
parts. For example, I'd like to clean up a Ranger which has some sort of
light oily residue over most everything, and dirt has been captured by this
goo in many spots. Another Ranger in my "collection" has mostly just dried
"mud" spots and water stains on the chassis and capacitor extension shafts
which could stand cleaning.

I'll bet there are several favorite products/mixtures that you folks with
experience in this area have developed.  Perhaps you would pass these along
together with other comments regarding your preferred "tools" (brush types,
swabs), methods, cleaning and/or protection of tube socket contacts,
capacitor bushings, rotary switch contacts, etc.?

Many thanks in advance.

Stu W7FE

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