Always Replace All the Capacitors

Sun Aug 12 15:03:00 EDT 2001

I think there is some misunderstanding on "replacing", "gutting out", etc.
On a historic rig or just one that you want to do this to, the idea would be
to do a replacement so that it would not be visible. New capacitors can
usually be inserted inside the old bodies and in some cases the same could
be done to some of the really old resistors which had a case around them.
Yes the workmanship would have to be top notch. The wooden case radio guys
do this all the time. I agree that a bunch of yellow plastic caps would
destroy the value. But if they were inside the old cap bodies I think it
would enhance the value and the the added bonus is that you could actually
still use the radio and maybe someone else listening to it would have an
appreciation of what these things were all about.

Without constant attention these things deteriorate. Leaky caps can corrode
the chassis and only make things worse. To me the way to preserve it is to
keep using it even if it is only once every few months or so. $.02. Now I
need to find my brush so I can give that old Marconi a new paint job.

73, Russ WQ3X

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