need to gather info on new items added to museum today!

Michael Hanz AAFRadio at EROLS.COM
Thu Aug 30 07:42:09 EDT 2001

ed sharpe wrote:

> next item.... arr-7... this is by hallicrafters also and airborne.... has
> video and  panadaptor output....
> which is the right  scope to add to it and why did they use the scope on
> this unit? not high enough to be countermeasures......

Excuse me?  :-)  I can assure you that the ARR-7 (repackaged SX-28) and
its S-27/S-36 equivalent, the ARR-5, were Raven receivers, Ed.  These
two were used with the third of the triumvirate, the APR-4, to feed an
AN/APA-10 panoramic adapter and either an AN/APA-6 or AN/APA-11 pulse
analyzer for signal detection, analysis, and characterization.  As a
matter of fact, recently I've been wading through mountains of old
documents and crawling around on hands and knees looking for mounting
holes, trying to determine what was on board the Enola Gay on August
6th, 1945.  It appears that all of the above (with an APA-11 vice APA-6)
were chosen by Jacob Beser from anything he wanted for that mission.
BTW, we still need an original APA-11 for the suite in Enola (not the
later -A model).  Would appreciate any leads.

Mike Hanz
Certified WWII airborne ECM eccentric (CWAEE)

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