WANTED: Hammarlund HQ-170 Clock Lens...

Thu Aug 30 21:45:23 EDT 2001

Eddy Swynar wrote:
> Many moons ago, I recall seeing a recurring ad/notice re. the availability of a good-quality, after-market clear plastic replacement lens for the clock used on Hammarlund's line of "HQ" receivers...
> Needless-to-say, now that I find myself in actual need of this information, the ad no longer appears! Hi
> Does anyone recall the source of these items? I'd like one for the HQ-170 that followed me home from a 'Fest the other weekend...many thanks!
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ
I give you found me! Don't shoot!

Well here's my story and I'd like the group opinion.

I provided many a replacement lens to the Hammarlund group in the last
three or four years, most through
R& D Designs who also sold a replacement clock movement with slightly
less features than
the original Telechron. I actually started this project many years ago
when faced with a purchased
unit that had a hanger damaged clock face. So my first unit was for me.

Years after I realized that many guys had the same problem and I made
some up and sold those at Hamfests
and through a BA list;  but not many. It did get a lot of units back to
original appearance.
Then Bob Hummel and I got together on an OEM basis and I didn't have to
market those
myself. And frankly I sold a LOT of those. But Bob is no longer in the
business and his wife was
to handle the clock business and nothing happened. I had asked Bob to
sell me his technology and
he declined as his wife was to handle it.

More recently I noted another guy in Ohio or Indiana that was selling a
lens at E *** for a lot
less than mine. Compare $12.50+postage  to something like $7.50 pre
Frankly, it was not worth the time and effort as mine are made by hand ,
trimmed and any unit
that had even the tiniest defect went into the circular file. There were

I think it was about a month ago that I sold my last lens from my last
batch. So now the
question - is there still a demand for those at $12.50 + postage or can
someone advise of
the quality of the "cheaper" version which I've not seen.

I can start another batch if there is sufficient interest. But first do
a look up at E ***
and see what might be there. Look in the history file. I don't know how
successful that
was may still have those available at the much lower price.
Tell me what you think.

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