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Michael Hanz AAFRadio at EROLS.COM
Fri Aug 31 08:48:17 EDT 2001

Ed changes reflector lists so fast I can't keep track of him.  :-)  I
appended our previous interchange on the Tempe list for completeness.
While I would observe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I would
agree with Dennis' observations.  There was an additional impetus,
however - the automatic clutch that allows manual tuning when the motor
drive is not running can be fairly stiff.  There are techniques for
reducing this drag, but most hams took off the scan motor drive and
called it good.  Personally, I like the looks of the cam cover better
than a gaping hole in the front panel, but that's personal preference.

Re: the dynamotor, with a couple of rare exceptions all of the WWII ECM
equipment used 115vac 400~ power.  Dennis mentioned the PP-32/AR power
supply for the ARR-7 and ARR-5, used for up to three receivers (a
curiosity since I have only heard of one installation with more than the
two receivers above.  It was on the Great Artiste on August 6th, when it
and No. 91 (Necessary Evil) were downloading 51MHz blast data from the
parachute packages dropped to measure pressures on the Hiroshima
mission.)  These power supplies are extremely rare, and I'm actually
donating my best example for the Enola Gay installation.  Beser used the
ARR-7 on the Hiroshima mission to monitor fighter control and ground
communications.  The ARR-5 was used for the telemetering information
from one of the dropped packages.

> In a message dated 8/30/01 9:01:50 PM, esharpe at uswest.net writes:
> >then why, if you could disengage it... did  these folk tear the thing
> >off.... go figure.....

W7QHO at aol.com wrote:
> The sector cam assembly and it's dust cover on the front panel are not
> particularly attractive.  Also, serves no useful purpose and actually gets in
> the way when the receiver is put to normal ham or SWL use.  For this reason
> they have been removed from many of these receivers that turn up today.  I
> take it this has been done to your example.

ed sharpe wrote:
> Mike: oops! I should have said... not radar countermeasures...  I would
> suppose since it went to 45 megs the arr7 was used for voice stuff?
> need to find the cannon plug that used to be on the front of this receiver,
> as it was removed and some kludge Jones plug put on the back of this radio.
> then we will be doomed to quest
> for the dynamotor!( need to know which dynamotor was used with this.)
> ok looks like  the museum needs an arr5 to go along with it then.
> will keep a look out for an apa 11 for you Mike we are looking for one also,
> it seems many times things will show up in pairs!
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> From: Michael Hanz <AAFRadio at EROLS.COM>
> Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 4:42 AM
> Subject: Re: need to gather info on new items added to museum today!
> > ed sharpe wrote:
> >
> > > next item.... arr-7... this is by hallicrafters also and airborne....
> > > has video and  panadaptor output....
> > > which is the right  scope to add to it and why did they use the scope on
> > > this unit? not high enough to be countermeasures......
> >
> > Excuse me?  :-)  I can assure you that the ARR-7 (repackaged SX-28) and
> > its S-27/S-36 equivalent, the ARR-5, were Raven receivers, Ed.  These
> > two were used with the third of the triumvirate, the APR-4, to feed an
> > AN/APA-10 panoramic adapter and either an AN/APA-6 or AN/APA-11 pulse
> > analyzer for signal detection, analysis, and characterization.  As a
> > matter of fact, recently I've been wading through mountains of old
> > documents and crawling around on hands and knees looking for mounting
> > holes, trying to determine what was on board the Enola Gay on August
> > 6th, 1945.  It appears that *all* of the above (with an APA-11 vice
> > APA-6) were chosen by Jacob Beser from anything he wanted for that
> > mission.  BTW, we still need an original APA-11 for the suite in Enola
> > (not thelater -A model).  Would appreciate any leads.
> >
> > Mike Hanz
> > Certified WWII airborne ECM eccentric (CWAEE)

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