WTB: Collins 51S-1 Parts

Gary Harmon gharmon at IDWORLD.NET
Fri Aug 31 23:12:09 EDT 2001

I am starting restoration on a 51S-1 I just bought.  Initial review indicates a
need for the following items.

1.  Nine pin AC socket and mounting hardware.
2.  Nine pin AC plug.
3.  Rear bakelite terminal strip.
4.  Bottom cover shield.
5.  Tube shield for the VFO tube.
6.  Plastic insert for the MHz counter.
7.  Clean panel overlay or panel with overlay.

Thanks for your time.

73, gary

Gary H. Harmon, Jr.
6302 Robin Forest
San Antonio, TX  78239-3218
(210) 657-1549
gharmon at idworld.net

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