BC 640 trnasmitter questions some bc-639 and need some help HELP!!

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Sat Dec 1 22:32:02 EST 2001

Greetings  from the museum!
 went for a merry romp in mesa az  at the hamfest this morning! Was great to
met a few of the listserv folks in person that had not met before....Thanks
to those that  heaped stuff on us to add to the reference library!

 Ok now for the questions........Got a BC- 640 that is BROWN rather than
green.... this was painted over on the panels, however  when inspecting the
rack the rack appears to be brown over primer coat.

Why is it brown? Is there significance to this?  It was really kind of
interesting, the fellow I got it from had some spare modules ( nice green
one) on the table and a picture of the transmitter hanging up.... I thought
the transmitter looked odd but assumed it was the color balance on the  shot
or the printing.. but... it really was that color! (surprise!)

the nice part of this deal  was it was delivered to the museum! now here is
the   thought to ponder....
if the brown has signafance we should leave it brown for the display,
otherwise repaint it green as the one was knew as a child and the one I
worked on  at Luke AFB.

next color enigma:

A GREY  BC-639 Receiver!  it says on the tags... one  us signal corps the
other...... REFURBISHED BY US NAVY! ( I am sure part of the referb was to
color it like a battleship!)

any notes on  when and why etc etc etc?

There is also one of the spare rack units for the BC 640 that is.......
BLUE!  and appears to have been all it's life!
If anyone can shed any light on this  fill us in!

also, since we are now apparently having a 640 and 639 display we are
looking for pictures of these things in action, anything related to them in
the way of personal  stories to add to the website whatever and whatever if
it is 640 and 639 related!

thanks Ed '640 thumper' Sharpe  archivist for smecc

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