BC 640 trnasmitter questions some bc-639 and need some help HELP!!

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Sat Dec 1 23:26:50 EST 2001

ok it is not a the rack it is the actual  module that  slides in the rack
but blue is one of the delta colors as I recall!

anyway  since I have some green, never been used components that I got as
spares for this  I think I need to find a green rack and a few other
components  to complete a second unit.....

heh heh went thru this with apx- 6's but this takes more room!


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> Delta Airlines used BC640s on thir "airways" fm 1946-1952.  Aircraft uesed
> ARC4s & ARC1s.
> Know John W4KMR that installed 'em all & phased out all Wilcox Gay HF
> jobbies with 450THs (suppoed big headache tube)
> The 3C24s in the BC640s were reported problem children in their own rite.
> So ur blue BC640 rack may be Delta surplus!
>    Marty
> ...AWA 'test doing fb.  In fact just had a FB7 -to- FB7 qso w. W8KGI (NM).
>    1100mi apart / 10W each end / S3-S6 both sides.
>    lotsa sig.s ~3550 & no rtty or light dimmers just now - hence
>    low noise floor!  YAY

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