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Denis Sharon W1AOK w1aok at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Mon Dec 31 12:20:36 EST 2001


I have two HP 410C and one HP 410B meters that I will offer here before
listing on eBay.

In additon to their other attributes, both versions accurately measures AC
up to 700MHz making them perfect for servicing BA (or any RF gear,
actually). The C version superceded the B and is 'new and improved' but
both versions are wonderful instruments.

Both 410C meters work well in all respects. The difference between them is
that one is cosmetically cleaner than the other. The nicer of the two is
very clean with minimal 'patina' The other meter has an incorrect knob
(correct HP style but too small), some scratches on the panel (which would
be completely obscured by the correct knob) some rust of the handle
brackets (the leather handle is perfect, however) and someone initials
engraved on top of the case at the front.

The 410B is extremely clean, operates perfectly and includes a good quality
manual copy. It has a very well deserved reputation as a super reliable
workhorse and is a great addition to any boatanchor workbench. I love 'em.

As far as prices, let's do this...

HP 410C #1 $135
HP 410C #2  $90
HP 410B     $95

Prices include 2 day FedEx shipping to a U.S. mainland address. (..and you
thought Christmas was over.)

If you were to replace the knob on #2 410C, it would be a nice addition to
any bench. Then again, the HP 410B is in great condition and is certainly
no slouch either. Consider it as well.

Frankly, any of these meters would be fine to have. The excellent freq
response (+- 1 db to 700 MHz) makes them ideal for RF alignment and trouble
shooting. The 410B and 410C are among HP's best meters of the era (or any
era, really).

I have photos for anyone who would like to see them.

Best wishes to all for the new year,

Denis Sharon W1AOK Ridgefield, CT

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