FS - Heath SB300's and SB400's

Emile Imberman Emile_Imberman at 3COM.COM
Mon Dec 31 12:25:21 EST 2001

         I have recently purchased two SB300's and two SB400's.  They all
seem mostly complete (except missing a couple of feet and power cords and a
knob).  The Cabs and front panels are in good shape.  Tubes, filters,
meters, etc are all there.  I bought  this stuff as a package so that I
could get the SB630 and SB610 and SB600.   If you want to set up a nice
SB300/SB400 with parts left over, please let me know.  I am open to offers
$ or Trade.  I am in Dallas, Tx.  area and would prefer to deliver, if
possible.  Please let me know if interested.  EMAIL at W5EMI at arrl.net.

                                                             Happy and
Healthy New Year,  W5EMI - Emile

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