DX-100 / VF-1 Dials

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 31 17:57:45 EST 2001

After some "experimentation", I have come up with both
the calibration dial for the DX-100, DX-100B, and VF-1
as well as the green "fiducial" that goes behind.

These are not "stock"!  They both are made from 0.1
inch thick plastic instead of the 0.025 inch of the
originals.  They should not be subject to warping,
cracking, etc. as are the originals.

The calibration dial differs greatly in its
construction but looks identical from the outside.
The original dial vernier drive works with the shaft
from the front panel fitting into a 2 inch hole in the
center of the plastic dial.  This dial is spaced about
1/8 inch from the metal backing by four plastic

The replacement dial fastens directly to the metal
backing.  Then, there is a metal ring mounted in front
of the dial into which the vernier shaft goes.  This
gives a much better surface for the vernier and should
last many years.  The "new" dial is about 1/8 inch
farther back from the front panel than the original.
However, it is closer to the fiducial which gives less
parallex in the dial readings.

The fiducial is made from clear plastic with a green
overlay.  Again, the view from the outside of the
transmitter is basically the same as with the original
thin plastic with the "slit" in it.

As with most of the replacement items that I have been
making, the cost is not in the material, but in the
labor to make them.  I did have to make new artwork
for the calibration dial since simply "scanning" an
original just didn't "cut the mustard".  Also, I
discovered that one of the rings on the original dial
was not concentric with the others!  I checked three
different dials and all three were the same.  However,
on the "new" dial calibration all of the rings are
concentric.  Frankly, you can't tell the difference,
it just showed up when I was first trying to make the
calibration from an original dial.

Cost of the dial is $34.95 post paid CONUS, $37.95 US
post paid Canada, and $37.83 Texas residents.

The fiducial is $10.00 post paid CONUS, $12.00 US post
paid Canada, and $10.83 Texas residents.

As an "introductory special", if you buy both items at
the same time, $40.00 post paid CONUS, $43.00 US
Canada, and $43.30 Texas residents.

For any additional information, please E-Mail me.

To purchase send cheque for the appropriate amount to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080


Glen, K9STH

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