Hallicrafters in the movies....

Don Buska d.buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Fri Feb 2 23:16:13 EST 2001

Hi Dave and BA fellows,

The best all-time favorite, for me, is the movie "Everybody's Hobby" from 1938.  The movie centers
around a family (Dad, mom, sis, son and lazy uncle) and their hobbies.  Well the son's hobby is ham
radio (which is featured most during the movie).  He gets the call WA6MUG (remember this is well
before WA callsigns existed so back then it was made up).  He didn't really like the MUG part but
said "it would really swing on code" (code is real too during the movie).  To continue, it is just loaded
with lots of 1930 vintage ham equipment, especially west costs stuff like Patterson and such.  Lot's of
homebrew transmitters too.  Near the end of the movie during a forest fire in the mountains the forest
rangers are using a hallicrafters receiver.  Don't remember the model off hand but one of the 1935-38
vintage ones.  Funny thing was that the son was operating his new portable transmitter that stood in a
four foot rack panel out in the woods.  How many of you have dragged a KWS-1 on Field Day lately,
hi.   At least his receiver was about the size of an SW-3.  Wasn't one though.  Even when he was in the
radio store buying it, in his excitment, he lists out the tube lineup of the transmitter.   Has to be the best
and most accurate ham flick I've ever seen.  For us BA types it's a must see.

Keep your eye's on the monthly TMC listing on the web.  They showed it a few years back and I'm
sure it will come around again.  Probably around 2 or 3AM like the last time, hi.


Don N9OO

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