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Mike Silva mjsilva at JPS.NET
Fri Feb 2 23:38:01 EST 2001

The movie sounds like a gas.  Why don't we all pester TMC until they show it
again?  Their email is: info at tcm.com   I've already sent mine (the first, at

Mike, KK6GM

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> Hi Dave and BA fellows,
> The best all-time favorite, for me, is the movie "Everybody's Hobby" from
1938.  The movie centers
> around a family (Dad, mom, sis, son and lazy uncle) and their hobbies.
Well the son's hobby is ham
> radio (which is featured most during the movie).  He gets the call WA6MUG
(remember this is well
> before WA callsigns existed so back then it was made up).  He didn't
really like the MUG part but
> said "it would really swing on code" (code is real too during the movie).
To continue, it is just loaded
> with lots of 1930 vintage ham equipment, especially west costs stuff like
Patterson and such.  Lot's of
> homebrew transmitters too.  Near the end of the movie during a forest fire
in the mountains the forest
> rangers are using a hallicrafters receiver.  Don't remember the model off
hand but one of the 1935-38
> vintage ones.  Funny thing was that the son was operating his new portable
transmitter that stood in a
> four foot rack panel out in the woods.  How many of you have dragged a
KWS-1 on Field Day lately,
> hi.   At least his receiver was about the size of an SW-3.  Wasn't one
though.  Even when he was in the
> radio store buying it, in his excitment, he lists out the tube lineup of
the transmitter.   Has to be the best
> and most accurate ham flick I've ever seen.  For us BA types it's a must
> Keep your eye's on the monthly TMC listing on the web.  They showed it a
few years back and I'm
> sure it will come around again.  Probably around 2 or 3AM like the last
time, hi.
> 73
> Don N9OO

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