FS: Terminal Boards

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Feb 5 08:01:48 EST 2001

For sale:  Terminal Boards - great for homebrewing, repairs etc.

Brand new terminal boards with turrets -
with two rows of 5, total of 10 terminals, on a 1.25" X 0.75" board
with 4 mounting holes.

Also larger ones available:

2.5"  X  2.6"  (about 20 available)

AND some 1.5"  X  2.6"

Same - two rows of 5 turrets, and 4 mounting holes in the corners.

A few longer sticks of the 0.75"
and 1.5" boards are available. Inquire.

All have two rows of 5 turrets and four mounting holes
Pictures available

Most are bakelite/phenolic, and a few are fibreglas.

$1.00 each - Stock up! These are perfect for building tube receivers
and transmitters or for repairing/building guitar amplifiers and hi-fi
audio amplifiers! Just $1.00 each plus shipping

I have teminal board pictures on a web page


As you will see there are several different sizes available.

73 to all - Brian, AF4K

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