Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Fri Feb 16 17:08:29 EST 2001

Hello Fellow AM'rs
Well, I decided to go after a different mod iron for a Valiant project.
Looking for a GOOD UTC CVM-4 or a transf. that falls in the 100watt range
with primary in the 2k -4k ohm range & secondary 2k ohm range (operate
around 700V) for a Valiant.

The Collins transformer I found & considered using is labeled 70watts, which
will work @ 100w because its big & heavy, over engineered, but wont match
6146s. This transf was made by Chicago for Collins; Pri to sec = 1:1 @
15kohm. Probably was ment for something like 4CX250s running 2500v. In fact
thats what it was used for on the PA side but I didnt get the pa deck. Will
trade if interested or sell for price of another transf. I dont know what
this transf is worth. I repainted it to original & checked it for
continuity, etc. I can provide orig Collins # off the transf label if
interested. Label says tested to 7kv. I can provide a .jpg if you want to
look. More info avail.
73 es Dee

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