TV-3 & TV-10 settings project starts

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Sun Feb 18 15:57:19 EST 2001

I have an affordable and working TV-10D/U in my possession now
thanks to a fellow list member. That means that I've started on
a settings file for the TV-3 and TV-10 series like those that
I've done for the I-177, TV-2, TV-4, and TV-7 series tube testers.

I just finished working up a parts order that I'll place later
today. I'm going to replace the electrolytic and paper caps along
with all of the carbon composition resistors in the TV-10D/U.
The metal film and wire wound ones are all fine but a couple of
the carbon ones have drifted upwards well out of spec. I'm replacing
them with 1% metal film models. The meter movement tested accurate
within .7% and the error is linear. I may or may not pull the meter
apart and correct the error. As it is, or will be after I replace
the caps and resistors, this tester has good potential as a test
platform for compiling and testing the data.

Since I was already involved in some research for a possible
TV-7 to TV-3/TV-10 settings data conversion project, I've got
enough information to get the project off of the ground.

What I'm looking for right now is copies of any manuals or roll
chart data for the TV-3 and TV-10 series that I don't already have.
A current list of the materials that I have access to is posted
on the TV3 and TV-10 page on my web site at:

Photocopies or scans are fine. Email me before you file attach any
scans though. I'm not interested in anything that has been OCR'd.
I've had rotten luck with OCR and settings data and the
inaccuracies that result.

On a side note, I've yet to receive any reports of errors in the
public release beat of the TV-7 series settings file that I have
for download. It's been a couple of months since it's release. Is
anyone looking for typos?

thanks in advance,

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