[BoatAnchors] Problems with Internet Explorer on BAMA

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Wed Feb 21 17:01:08 EST 2001

Bob's observations are right on target.  However, the Windows ftp
programs that I recommend on the BAMA site are "smart" enough to
download an entire folder if that is what you select.  I know that
WS_FTP is smart enough to distinguish between ascii and binary too.  The
others may be as well.  I'm not sure.

Netstat is implemented in DOS, but I'm not sure that it works very well.

Ping bama.sbc.edu should tell you whether the site is up or not.

I'm working on it folks.


Ken K4XL
k4xl at arrl.net
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> you can always use
> netstat -rn to see if the connection is 'active'
> and the route command to get rid of it.
> at least with NT and Linux and Solaris
> SRI, no windoz here
> or use ftp and log on
> user: anonymous
> passwd: your email address
> ftp -i lets you use mget w/o having to hit 'y' every file
> note: NT has big trouble transferring image files like jpeg
> if one forgets to set type to binary on ftp
> If your windows ftp'ed images are 'torn' perhaps this will fix it
> -bob

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