FW: Antenna cable.

Bill Abate wabate at EROLS.COM
Fri Feb 23 12:34:32 EST 2001


I believe it is RG-62, 90 ohms.  At least that is what it looks like to
me.  It is special so that it can work with a short antenna for
broadcast AM.  Of course that is when they had external antennas on


Bill, K3PGB

"Brian.Goldsmith" wrote:
> Greetings to the list.Could anyone tell me the characteristic impedance
> of the a car radio antenna lead in marked 5P3-46C? There is also a short
> extension piece marked 5P3-37C.I'm guessing that they are higher than 75
> Ohms.I want to connect an external car radio antenna to a boatanchor
> vibrator type receiver in the workshop.
>                      Thanks,Brian Goldsmith.

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