Rotator-Alliance HD-73

John King jbkking at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Jan 2 20:53:34 EST 2001

        Hope this isn't off topic and appologize if it is. I have NOS
Alliance HD-73 rotator that has been stored. Hooked it up for first time
after storage for 15 years. Meter lit up and when attempted to rotate
with short rotor cable from box to rotator, it did not rotate. Not
having been hooked up before or use attempted before, I suspect motor
capacitor in control box. The power supply in box has two caps of
polarized type and there is non-polarized motor capacitor. Do you join
me in suspecting the motor cap? Do you think either of them might reform
after 15 years of non-use? Where is the best place to get the motor cap
and what is the value? The diagram doesn't give value for motor cap..
Need to get it going for my NEW 10 meter homebrew beam. Any help and
suggestions appreciated. 73 and happy new Year and may you all prosper.
John, K5PGW

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