NEED: Eddystone 830 Schematics

Wed Jan 3 11:00:31 EST 2001


I have an Eddystone 830/7 I want to restore, as it has lots of wiring
changes. I have got another one, a 830/5, for comparison purposes. It seems
very similar to the /7. I have noted that most mods in the /7 unit (the one
I would like to restore) were made to the EXTERNAL SUPPLIES connector
wiring... In fact, in the /7 unit, that socket has no wires going to it but
in the /5, there are lots of wires, some of the clearly rewired in the /7.
I guess that you need a connector with jumpers there to get the receiver
working, am I right?. If so, the mods in the /7 could be done just to
overcome this 'limitation'. Live to see :-(!

There are also some mods in an IF tube wiring and in other zones, apart of
the missing AVC/NB wafer (which I plan to replace), so I am in need of the
schematics to get things right. An scanned copy would be just fine to start
troubleshooting. I think other 830 models schematics would be fine enough,
as most wiring changes are just in power supply wires.

Also, could you tell me where I can connect an speaker to the set?

Thanks for your help!

  73 EB5AGV / EC5AAU
     La Canyada - Valencia (SPAIN)

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