BAMA goes high tech with DjVu.

Bob/WB0AUQ brainbol at LAWRENCE.KS.US
Thu Jan 4 23:24:16 EST 2001


After installing, I downloaded the
SP-600 .djv file and could view
page after page of the manual while it
was downloading, definitely
more manageable than other formats.
Then I saved the file and just
double-clicked on it from within windows
explorer, and DjVu launches
immediately and pops up with the
complete manual, very much faster
than Adobe and .pdf.  Have not yet tried
printing.  Nice to be able
to download and open only one file as
opposed to all those .jpg and/
or .gif files.

I tried DjVu last time around you
proposed it but had problems with
it at that point.  Don't see any
problems with new version, at
least so far.  If this works as you
hope, will save everyone much
time and disk space.

73, Bob/WB0AUQ

"Kenneth D. Grimm" wrote:
> OK, I think I've finally got this DjVu thing figured out.......

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