REAL boatanchors for sale

Fri Jan 5 00:04:25 EST 2001

Hello all,

This is a bit off topic, but I have tried the newsgroup route
and found no takers so I'll try here.

I have 2 old TV's - one is a 1953 General Electric with 10"
roundish screen in a beautiful wooden cabinet.  Seems all
there and although I haven't plugged it in, if it doesn't work
it's not for lack of parts!  Definitely all there, and in very
good shape.  All original except a toggle power switch added
on the rear to replace an apparently defective on/off switch.
Easily undone mod.  VERY cool retro looking TV in a small
cabinet.  If made to work would be a delight to watch old shows

The second is a 1956 silvertone also in a wood cabinet - this
one is a 19" tube and also totally original.  Even has the warranty
card still on the back.  Also not tested.  I know NOTHING about
old TV's and I believe these should be brought up on a variac with
a solid state rectifier to wake them up.

Both are part of an estate, sort of.  They came with a bunch of other
ham-related items that I'm keeping, and were with the original owner
for at least 30 years.  I thought it would be cool to get the one with
the round screen working and hide a VCR behind it loaded with
nothing but I Love Lucy reruns!  But I hardly have the time to divert
into restoring old TV's.  I have more radios than winter days.

Make an offer - PICKUP ONLY in Tacoma, Washington.  If I can't
find a taker of some sort, I will be sadly forced to part them out to
scavenge the transformers, tubes and a few other bits.  I'd HATE to
see that happen.

So how 'bout it?  Want some REAL boatanchors?  JPEGS to serious
inquiries, or since they're pickup only, come over and see 'em first.
Again, best offer.  Any offer, really.  As long as it seems at least
SORTA reasonable :-)

Take care,


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