Estate Items F/S

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Sat Jan 20 08:58:17 EST 2001

The Dallas Amateur Radio Club received the following estate items
to sell...They are F/S in an untested condition but were told they all
work...They all look in at least a 9+ cosmetic condition...Items sold
will require two checks...One to DARC and one to me for shipping.

1.  Heathkit GD1B Grid dip with original coil box and all coils....$50.00

2. Autek Research QF1A Filter with manual....$50.00

3. Palomar Tuner Tuner with Manual    ......$35.00

4. ICOM 22S with original manual All mounting hardware and mount and mike...
Mounting hardware never out of original package...This radio looks NEW only
no box....Never was mobile....  $150.00

5.  Yaesu YM38 mike...7 pin connector with bag to put over it when not in

Best 73's   Bob K1JNN/5

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