Need info on SICO Genometer

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Sun Jan 21 11:05:20 EST 2001

Hi Keith,

This is a typical signal generator used in a TV repair shop back in "The
Olde Days". I don't own this brand (but have 3 or 4 others in the
collection) but the brief specs you gave are a dead give-away.

I _might_ have some advertising or catalogs for Superior stashed in my
scads of tech literature up in the library but it would take awhile to find
anything. (Egads, I need organization!) The other fellow who mentioned he
might have magazine ads could be a help along with perhaps others here.

I use my old early-50's Jackson and a 1950-51 vintage Hickock to do some
repairs to my old TVs in the collection.

Old test gear is very interesting I think. Good luck with it.

Regards,  Chris
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Upon the date 01:02 PM 1/20/01 -0500, k4kgw said something like:
>Recently acquired this jewel at a hamfest.  Need any info on it,
>especially schematic and/or manual, preferably both.  Instrument is
>missing all tubes, some wires are cut, etc.  Here's what I know about
>SICO (Superior Instruments Company, N.Y., USA)
>Function switch has positions for unmodulated RF/External RF, 400 Hz
>sine wave, Variable Audio/Horizontal Bar, and Vertical Bars.
>As a signal generator, it covers 100 kHz to 180 mHz in six bands.
>Anyone know ANYTHING about it???

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