Need 4-1000 Help

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Mon Jul 2 18:44:44 EDT 2001

"H. Dave Meitzen" <dmeitzen at POV.NET> asks...

>I aquired a Dual 4-1000 RF deck . I would like to fire the little :>)) puppy
>up. The design is grid driven. I think that the voltage setup is
>RID  -350VDC, Screen is +500VDC and the plate +3000VDC or whatever. Like
>some advice on this -- or better yet a schematic. Something showing the
>metereing setup would be helpful.

The ARRL Handbook in years past has printed a lot of schematics with
4-1000s, and you may be able to liberate some ideas.  That's a good place
to start your research.

If you come up completely dry, I can dig around -- but you've come to the
right place for answers.


P.S. If you find yourself contemplating the "big honkin' TO-3 zener diode
for bias" idea, email me and I'll find Rich Measures' _better_ idea that
uses a 2n3055 or similar transistor instead of that unobtainium-plated
50-watt zener.

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