Ol'Glory/Independance Day

Robert Lawson w4rl at BELLSOUTH.NET
Mon Jul 2 18:15:59 EDT 2001

To all those who have sons and/or daughters or friends dear serving on
active duty in our military forces, please make plans to 'show colors'
early and smartly on the 4th. The personal impetus to list such,
especially this year, is that my new son-in-law is to deploy to Saudi
for 12 months on this Wednesday. Please remember in thought and/or
prayer all those mentioned for "God's speed while in harm's way" and to
those who gave the untimately sacrifice. As for many of us, as you
already well know, these young people are following in our footsteps of
years past.

Thanks for allowing me this non-BA post/request bandwidth.


Robert W4RL

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