F.S Misc amplifiers, etc.

Comfort kraft admin at COMFORTTEXAS.COM
Mon Jul 9 21:18:45 EDT 2001

I am listing this for a fellow ham without internet access.
For Sale - 1- Yaesu FT-757GXII  with CAT control. SOLD

Communication Power Inc.  HF-150 Linear amplifier 80-10 meters AM-SSB-CW
all SS  w/instruction sheet- 14db gain -3db from 80-10meters, 200 W PEP
input w/25W drive
typical rf out  100W AM w4watts drive @30mc.  , 160 W PEP SSB -w/12W
drive -150 W CW-w/10W drive
 has rf sense switching, has molex for a cable
(I guess for radio switching-don't know&instruction sheet doesn't say) .Has
input receive pre-amp also.  Tested this amp and it works ok, but I
accidentally shorted the supply leads and my power supply blew up so I do
not want to fully guarantee it.-but I think it is ok. -this is a ham
product-not cb- i have the spec sheets
Varmint Linear Base Amplifier XL-350  Uses 2 x 6LR6 sweep tubes + 1- 6KV6A
driver. large transformer , fan,nicely made by Brewer Labs, Porter OK. some
slight corrosion on the chassis . I have 1-6LR6 and 1-6KV6 spare tubes with
it. no manual or schematic- does work , but I checked it and it only seems
to work on low power, the transformer is got a short on the high power
winding. this seems like a cb item- i could only find a schematic for a
Varmint XL-450 on the web, so I didn't buy it.
$50.00 + shipping

Palomar TX-75 solid state amplifier 4.5watts AM in- I guess 75w out (don't
know) have original box and instruction sheet.
believed to be ok , but not tested on the air (looks like nearly new)

Eico VTVM Model 221 works - has original tubes & Service + Instruction
manual- Also has HVP-1 High Voltage probe and manual - 30KV max capability.
$65.00+ shipping

2 x 6146A GE look like NOS- but untested $20.00
1 x  6336A Tung Sol- graphite plates, again looks like NOS -but untested
I would make a package deal on all of this stuff for $300.00 and you ship.
Might consider some trades-what have you got? would like vhf-uhf radios
Everything shipped from 78013 by your method-as buyer is paying -insurance
is recommended
I am doing this to help a fellow ham -this is sort of a pre-sk sale, as he
is getting up in years.
email me with questions, as I will be the sole contact point.

Thank You,
George R. Griesbach
505 River Oaks Rd.
Comfort, Texas, 78013
admin at comforttexas.com

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