FS: Yaesu FTDX400 Transceiver

John Kolb jlkolb at CTS.COM
Tue Jul 10 00:15:57 EDT 2001

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001, Gary Harmon wrote:

> Nice Yaesu FTDX400 transceiver for sale.  Looks good but needs good cleaning.
> Hears but weak.

Does this use the Kokusai mechanical filters as the frDX400 receiver
does? If so, the weak reception might be from the filters gone bad.
I've heard from several others who, along with me, have had the mounting
foam in the filters turn into a gummy, gooey mess. Carefully cleaning
the filter (don't scratch the disks - you'll distort the BW curve)
with suitable solvents and packing the filter in foam restores normal
operation. Handle carefully to avoid breaking the filter coil


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