Boat anchors for trade

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Tue Jul 10 17:18:52 EDT 2001

I have the following boat anchor equipment for trade.  Am looking for
boat anchors.

Heath HW-32 transceiver:  20 meter, single band, in very good condition.

Dentron 160-AT 160 meter antenna tuner:  Very good condition.

Power tubes, new, in box, including 6155, 5894, 8560A, 3CX100A5, 2E26,
866A, etc.  Also lower power transmitting tubes and receiving tubes
some loctal base.  All new, in box.

Johnson Challenger transmitter.  Very good condition.

Collins 708A-1 Master Oscillator (VFO, etc.) in a 10.5 inch high rack
very good condition.

Dentron 160-AT 160 meter antenna tuner, very good condition.

Hewlett Packard HP-200CD tube-type oscillators,

Hewlett Packard HP-204C solid-state oscillators, 2 good condition

Hewlett Packard HP-1206A oscilloscope, good to very good condition.

Telequipment S54A oscilloscope, good to very good condition.

Motorola / Measurements FM deviation plug-in Good condition

Heathkit IG-5282 generator, very good condition.

Project receivers:

Hallicrafters S-40 (plain S-40), S-40A,  National NC-80X

Larsen, Decibel Products, and Antenna Specialists 2 meter and 440 MHz
antennas.  Quantity 1 each 3 dB gain omni directional base antenna for 2
meters.  All new in box.  Also numerous Larsen NMO-150C 2 meter 5/8 wave
antenna coils, optional springs, and NMO-K installation kits.  Sorry, no
whips, but the 49 inch that these use are readily available.  All of
are brand new, still in original packaging.

Commercial FM equipment some of which may be used on amateur radio
without modification.

Uniden FML600B 36 to 42 MHz, Uniden FMS850T 15 watt 800 MHz LMR trunking
dash mount mobile, Uniden SMU300DT 30 watt 450 MHz dash mount mobile,
Uniden "control station" for 800 MHz LMR trunking.

Motorola D51TSA-2300AK 50 watt 2 channel dash mount mobile, 36 - 42 MHz

All less mounting brackets, microphones, speakers, and power cables.

All of the above items are offered as TRADE ITEMS ONLY.  Please do not
for prices on these.

The following is not "hardline", but is real Andrews Heliax.  The Heliax
for pickup in Richardson, Texas (north side of Dallas) ONLY.  I will
shipping lengths of ½ inch Heliax ONLY in trade for either Collins 75A1
Heath Mohawk.  Heliax is used but in good condition.

Heliax is available for sale or trade.

Quantity 1    160 foot 1/2 inch
Quantity 2    200 foot 1/2 inch
Quantity 1    225 foot 1/2 inch
Quantity 1    50 foot 7/8 inch (no connectors)
Quantity 1    100 foot 7/8 inch

Almost all have connectors

Various shorter lengths of ½ inch and 7/8 inch without connectors

$1.25 per foot for the ½ inch Heliax plus $15 each for the connectors.
per foot for the 7/8 inch Heliax plus $22.50 for the connectors.

Quantity 2 3/8 inch 6 foot "jumpers" for use with duplexers, etc.  With
"N" male connectors.  Brand new.  $25 each plus $5 each for shipping.

Quantity 1 3/8 inch jumper like above but used.  $15 plus $5 shipping.

Photos can be taken and E-Mailed on any item.

Am wanting to trade for:  I DO NOT HAVE THESE FOR TRADE, PLEASE READ!  I

222 MHz transverter, 432 MHz transverter, 1296 MHz transverter

Linears for 160 M, 6 M, and 2 M  Have 100 watts drive available.

Heathkit Cheyenne, Mohawk, Marauder, HX-20, HR-20, SB-200, HX-30

Collins 75A1, 32V2, 32V3, 62S-1, KWS-1 (I can dream, can't I!)

Johnson Ranger I

WRL 755 VFO, DSB-100, LA-1600, Globe Champion 300 or 350 series

RME about anything except VHF-152A and RME 23 preselector.

Am open to other "boat anchor" trades (i.e. "glow in the dark" radios),
not interested in anything "solid state".

Please!  Do not offer for sale or offer to buy anything except the
Also, please note what I have and what I don't have (people get confused

Glen, K9STH

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