EF Johnson Valiant PTT

Robert Lawson w4rl at BELLSOUTH.NET
Tue Jul 10 19:16:52 EDT 2001


To those of you who presently operate Valiant's with the PTT ie using
the switch on your microphone to key the transmitter, are you
comfortable with the 200 volts running through your mic cable from the
coil of the switching relay to the mic ptt switch to make ground for
transmit? Are any of you using an internal low voltage relay in the
Valiant tapped from the 6.3 volt ac winding of the power supply
transformer and rectified for such a DC relay or some variation of such
to key the transmitter.? I don't know if I like having 200 volts inches
away from my 'pearly whites' with my 'new' ether AM bore-hole'er no
matter how much I love hearing the 'clunk' of the HV relay taking hold't
to produce AM rf on the airwaves.

Thanks in advance for the read and any comments.


Robert WPE4FGR W4RL Pensacola

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