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Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Sat Jul 14 15:50:56 EDT 2001

As you probably know, BAMA, the BoatAnchor Manual Archive is a
effort to preserve and make available the documentation for old tube
type amateur radio and SWL equipment.  All of the material in the
collection can be downloaded for free.  However, the success of BAMA
depends on the willingness of BA enthusiasts to share their materials
with others.  BAMA welcomes manuals for any tube type amateur or swl
gear.  However, the following have been specifically requested.  If you
can help, please let me know.

Aerovox model 76 cap./res. bridge
Ameco TX-86
AVO Valve Tester
B&K 281 Multimeter
Boonton 202 H signal generator (VHF) and 260AP Q-meter.
Central Electronics MM-1 and DQ (Q-multiplier).
Dentron GLA-1000C
Eddystone 840A Receiver
Gonset 3089 VHF Amplifier
Hammarlund  Model E Signal Generator
Heath HW-12 and HW-22
Heath GR-64 and GR-78 Receivers
Heath HD-1422-A Antenna Noise Bridge
Heathkit amplifiers KL-1, SB-200, SB201, SB-220, SB221, SB-1000
Hickok 610A Tube Tester and 1890 Transistor Tester
Howard 435, 436, 437 receivers, 650 preselector and 660 freq. monitor.
Hughes-Mitchell X-EC Frequency Control
Johnson Viking II Assembly instructions
Johnson Ranger II Assembly instructions
Johnson Desk Kilowatt
Lafayette HE-10 Receiver
Millen 90921 Scope Sweep Amp.
Morrow  PW-75
National RAS series
Pace 2m Communicator II
Panoramic SB-3 (civilian version of BC-1031C)
Precision 202 Signal Tracer and 960 Diode and Transistor tester
RCA WT110A card type tube tester
RCA AR-88LF Low frequency receiver
REDI-KILOWATT keyer model 401
RME-50, RME-99 and RME-6900 receivers
Sprague TCA-1 Capacitor Analyzer
Stancor 10P Transmitter
Superior Instruments 650 and TW-11
TMC SBT-350 Transmitter

If you can help with scans of manuals for this equipment or any other
tube type amateur radio equipment or short wave receivers, please drop
me an email.

Thanks very much.

Ken K4XL
k4xl at
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