DX-35 / DX-40 crystal doors

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Thu Jul 19 17:39:41 EDT 2001

Update on the DX-35 / DX-40 crystal door covers:

The original doors are made of 22 gauge steel (one was loaned to me to
see just what was "going on").  I tried using 22 gauge steel to make
some.  However, 22 gauge is just too heavy to work with normal hand
sheet metal working tools.

The case is made from 26 gauge steel and I also tried using some 26
gauge for making the doors.  This works much better.  Frankly, unless
someone told you that the original was made of 22 gauge I don't think
anyone would notice the difference!  The 26 gauge is thick enough that
it holds shape, etc. without any problem.

I am waiting on delivery of the matching paint for the DX-35 / DX-40
cabinets.  The black wrinkle paint that I am using is a very good match
for the finish on the original cabinets on the DX-20 and DX-35 that I

Thus, I am letting those who have expressed an interest in these doors
know what is going on.  The paint is supposedly shipping today or

Glen, K9STH

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