Tube pictures

Roger A. McCarty rmccarty at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jul 20 03:10:34 EDT 2001

Hello guys/gals

I have posted a couple of pictures that my Son has drawn of tubes pertinent
to Amateur Radio (3-500Z, 807, 6SN7). You can view them at;

Use the JPG's for viewing. The BMP's are higher resolution files, 1.5 Mb and

You are welcome to use them for any hobby related purpose however, no
pecuniary interest or returns whatsoever. Please do not use them on any web
site with pop-up banner ads that are or are not under your control.

If you like them and/or use them, I would appreciate you dropping an e-mail
to Sean at; freejack2 at to encourage him further.


Roger KD6CC

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