Transformer ID

Robert Lawson w4rl at BELLSOUTH.NET
Mon Jul 23 11:28:51 EDT 2001


I need the specifications for the following transformer:

MERT (?, as print kind of faint) CTC P-2882   Direct Replacement for

Label indicates it is a TV transformer.

Wire color coding if you have it would also be very helpful.

It is setting in a BC-348Q that I recently picked up at a local hamfest
over the weekend that uses this homebrew AC supply transformer. Obtained
it at a decent price, but a sloppy AC supply conversion. The seller at
least told me it did not work ie filaments lit up, but no audio. Found
out that the mute taps/pins #2 and #6 on the rear socket were not
jumpered. Fellow BA'er here in town pointed this out right quickly. He
had a manual. It helps. It has a capacitive input filter of which I am
going to change to a inductive/choke input type as the supply vollage
was 340 volts under load with 120 VAC mains. Out boarding a temporary
choke filter yielded 240 volts DC B+. It will be a tight squeese with
the present transformer, choke, and capacitor.

Last BC-348 that I had was almost 30 years ago, AC'ed nicely by the
previous owner. I used to loan it out to prospective hams. The last
fellow who had it I guess really took a lik'in to it, as he kept it when
he left town for parts unknown. Never heard from him since.

Any help with the tansformer specifications, or those who have
schematics/notes of home brewing AC supplies for BC-348's would be
greatly appreciated.

It is kinda nice in firing up an old WWII war bird receiver. If is could
only speak as to where it has been in this world, and what messages it
has received in years past.

Thanks for the read.

73 Robert WPE4FGR W4RL Pensacola

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