Any interest in 11-piece Heath station?

Thu Jul 26 03:22:50 EDT 2001

Hello all,

I ran the following a while back with little interest.  Just
thought I'd try again.  11 SB-xxx rigs from my collection.
All worked when acquired, but have seen very little use
and just gather dust now.  Sold as a LOT ONLY.

Local pickup ONLY (at this time) in Tacoma, Washington.
Please - no 'widow' offers!  But if you are interested and
wish to yak about it, drop me a note.  Not looking to trade.
Just want this stuff to go away for a fair price to all.

Here's what I said then:

> Too many radios, not enough time or inclination.
> I have the following SB-xxx station COMPLETE for sale.
> I do NOT want to break ANY of them out at this time.
> All were working when I last used them.  All are in decent
> shape with no damage or mods that I know of, but you'll
> have to come see yourself.  Too many to look at and very
> little time on this end to fiddle with things these days.
> Here's what I've got:
> SB-110    6-meter rig
> SB-101    HF xcvr
> SB-400    xmtr
> SB-301    rcvr
> SB-401    xmtr
> SB-600    with HP-23 power supply - have 2 of these - with speakers
> SB-600    speaker only
> SB-610    scope
> SB-630    console with good clock
> SB-101    parts rig - good face and case

> And a couple of microphones that seem to go well with the set.  Don't
> know exactly what they are.  Come take a look :-)  Best offer takes all.
> I am looking for a LOCAL BUYER ONLY.  Tacoma, Washington.

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