DX-35 / DX-40 crystal doors

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Thu Jul 26 16:36:00 EDT 2001

The gray Heathkit paint just got here about 20 minutes ago.  It was
shipped in a timely manner, but, the @##!% Post Office took their time!

The first coat of paint is already on the back and is drying.  The front
will be done last.  Therefore, if your order has been received, they
should start shipping tomorrow.

Again, for the "new commers":  Reproduction crystal door covers for the
DX-35 and DX-40.  $10 each plus $1.50 shipping unless you just happen to
live in Texas.  Then, you have to add 83 cents for sales tax.  This
makes a total of $11.50 for each door for 49 states and $12.33 for
Texas.  Foreign orders please E-Mail me and I'll see how much it will be
to send them.

If you need one, send a cheque for the appropriate amount to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 231-3987
(972) 231-5011

If you have either a DX-35 or DX-40 with the crystal door, consider
yourself lucky!  From the E-Mails I have been getting, it seems like
about 98% of the transmitters are missing the door.

These are "hand made" in 26 gauge steel (the originals were 22 gauge but
that is too thick to work with basic hand tools).  They have the wrinkle
finish on the outside and, unlike the "model" door that I have, are
painted on the inside as well.  I check each door on my DX-35 just to
make sure that everything is OK.

If I ever come up with a small shear and a couple of other things, I
might be able to start producing these in the 22 gauge.  However, don't
everyone hold their breath!


Glen, K9STH

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