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Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Sat Jun 2 00:41:12 EDT 2001

RE: Paint color help, 1940s RME wrinkle finish

I am cleaning up an RME VHF-152A made in December 1947 in
preparation for electrical refurbishing..

The paint color obviously has changed much over the years.  I'm
not going to try to recreate the fine wrinkle finish but will
over spray and hope the gouges don't look too bad.  I'm
considering using the inside of the bezel as a guide for the
color for the case and the outside of the bezel as the darker
color that is used on the bezel and the plate below it that
surrounds the switches.

The inside of the lid looks quite a bit bluer than the color that
I think was the original case color.  I'm not good at color
matching so perhaps somebody can help.

The lighter gray color seems very close to the Krylon Dove Gray

Has anybody over sprayed a 1940s era RME receiver or accessory
and can you suggest a close color matching paints?

Ian, K6SDE

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