Kenwood TS-520S

Don Buska D.Buska at ADVANTEST.COM
Fri Jun 8 12:19:53 EDT 2001

Hi Robert,

Like the TS-820 the 520S does have the AUX position, but it ain't easy putting a WARC band in.  They
didn't add any tuned circuits around the AUX.  Thus, the user has to add those components.  As far
as I know Kenwood never published a document telling how to do it either.  There was an article in an
old QST that showed how to do it on a TS-820.  10MHz is a little hard on the TS-820 and R-820's as
they use a 10MHz oscillator for the frequency counter.  The potential for interference is pretty great,
but it could be done.  The other two WARC band aren't to bad, but still it isn't a project for the meek.  If
you want WARC look for the TS530 or TS830 which have those bands out-of-the-box.

I was considering adding on of the WARC bands to my R-820 receiver, but decided against it for
now.  I already have other radios with the WARC bands and I really don't use them.  Plus, with the
transceivers you have to modify the transmit sections too, which naturally isn't needed on my R-820.


Don N9OO

On Fri, 8 Jun 2001 09:04:45 -0700, Robert Lawson wrote:

>Does the hybrid BA TS-520S transceiver have the capability of
>transmitting and receiving on the WARC bands, ie does it have an
>auxillary position(s) on the band switch for such whereby correct
>crystals could be installed?
>Thanks for your time and effort in advance.
>Robert WPE4FGR W4RL

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