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Sun Jun 10 16:01:41 EDT 2001

Fellow Boatanchorites
I have 3 large tube amps that I will never get to. Pr of RCA power drivers ,
rack mount, very unusual swing out (to get to under chassis), tubes mounted
across front panel deck, tube test / bal meter ft panel under tube deck.
All the transformers are mounted vertically on reverse
back panel inside rack. You need to see a .jpg to fully appreciate what I'm
talking about. I was told these came out of a drive-in theater. Tubes were
out of the early '50s.
No tubes come with amps but are fairly common.
Both amps need rebuilding (wiring crumbling) but chassis & transformers are
very good & all are there. No rust. Would make a very nice "display" power
amps using later tubes or restore to original. The pair $200.

Also have a "shaker table amp" made by JB Electronics model 2120. This amp
has one of the largest output transgformers I have seen. Originally used 6
7027A tubes in PP Par. & it is HEAVY. Again I have .jpgs. This amp I powered
up & it works but needs some help.
No tubes go with the deal. I dont have any 7027s anyway. 6550s or KT 88s
will work in it. If you want just the OP TF & power supply "iron" & driver
bd, would be willing to do that. Price $100.

All the above shipping is almost prohibitive. RCAs are approx 65 lbs each.
Best PU @ my shop nr Waynesboro, Va. I can ship parted out JB amp iron but
you pay packing & shipping. Any questions or pics feel free to ask.
Patty & Dee's Marina Collectors of "firebottle" radios
534 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, Va. 22980
(540)249-3161 Cell: (540)471-7023

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