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Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Thu Jun 14 10:44:56 EDT 2001

I am reposting this message from the R-390 LIST as I feel that it has
information of great value to anyone interested in military radio
equipment.  Thanks to Barry Hauser for giving me permission to repost his

Does anyone know more about accessing this site?




>You were looking for a quick source of good non-A manuals online -- I found
>them on the LOGSA site.  The URL is
>Just click on the "ACCEPT" button, which means you consent to be montored
>and will not resist should the DOD find it necessary to send commandos or
>men in suits (worse) to pick you up and will cooperate fully in any federal
>prosecution against you for misusing the information provided.  Not sure if
>that would apply to subbing SS rectifiers or dealing with the ballast tube
>in an unauthorized manner -- or possibly even putting a spinner knob on the
>KC shaft.  Probably doesn't matter as our interest in this gear likely got
>us all on some special lists a long time ago.
>When you get to the next screen, just click on "Enter the site".  You'll get
>a form with four fill-in blocks.  Easiest thing is to just enter "R-390" in
>the last one and search.  The first 3 files listed will be the non-A files
>and all can be downloaded without an ID/password.  (right click and "save
>link as" -- don't attempt to read into Acrobat online or you'll probably
>crash)  Some files, like most of the R-390A files require the ID/account --
>except the biggest one.  Makes no sense.
>Before you bother, you need 128 bit encryption, which tends to mean
>Netscape.  Here's what it says:
>"Due to a recently discovered bug in all versions of Netscape Communicator
>v4.72 (128 bit) and below, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to
>Communicator v4.75 (128 bit). Netscape v4.75 (128 bit) is available for
>download from the DoD Licensed Download Site."
>The first three listed are TM 11-5820-357-10, -20 and -35.  The last one is
>the big one and just under 10 megs.
>The pdf files apparently were OCR'ed -- not graphics of text.  Good news is
>the text is nice and sharp.  Possible bad news -- highly dependent on how
>well the things were proofed, which I can attest to based on my experience
>OCRing the '85 Navships manual for the R-390A Y2K manual.  So YMMV and
>caveat emptor, etc.
>Actually, I learned of the site from a post some time ago.  I don't remember
>who it was, but the author seemed to know more about the security
>authorization thing.  If you spread it around, maybe someone will surface
>with more info about that.  I got the sense that there was some way to
>routinely register to get access to more of the documents, but from the site
>itself, it doesn't look that way without being in the gov't. or military,
>Enjoy...  and don't say I never gave you nuttin' -- unless the G-men ask, in
>which case you never heard of me.

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