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ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Thu Jun 14 15:53:10 EDT 2001

I am afraid! very afraid! look at the warning on the entry screen to it?!
did you try going past that???

On a lighter note though we hauled in  some neat items to add to the museum
this afternoon including some collins ww2 transmitters, and some old
motorola 2 way stuff for the motorola display. and of course.... more books
and manuals!
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Subject: Interesting Military Manuals Web Site

> I am reposting this message from the R-390 LIST as I feel that it has
> information of great value to anyone interested in military radio
> equipment.  Thanks to Barry Hauser for giving me permission to repost his
> message.
> Does anyone know more about accessing this site?
> Enjoy!
> 73,
> Michael
> >You were looking for a quick source of good non-A manuals online -- I
> >them on the LOGSA site.  The URL is
> >
> >
> >Just click on the "ACCEPT" button, which means you consent to be montored
> >and will not resist should the DOD find it necessary to send commandos or
> >men in suits (worse) to pick you up and will cooperate fully in any
> >prosecution against you for misusing the information provided.  Not sure
> >that would apply to subbing SS rectifiers or dealing with the ballast
> >in an unauthorized manner -- or possibly even putting a spinner knob on
> >KC shaft.  Probably doesn't matter as our interest in this gear likely
> >us all on some special lists a long time ago.
> >
> >When you get to the next screen, just click on "Enter the site".  You'll
> >a form with four fill-in blocks.  Easiest thing is to just enter "R-390"
> >the last one and search.  The first 3 files listed will be the non-A
> >and all can be downloaded without an ID/password.  (right click and "save
> >link as" -- don't attempt to read into Acrobat online or you'll probably
> >crash)  Some files, like most of the R-390A files require the
ID/account --
> >except the biggest one.  Makes no sense.
> >
> >Before you bother, you need 128 bit encryption, which tends to mean
> >Netscape.  Here's what it says:
> >"Due to a recently discovered bug in all versions of Netscape
> >v4.72 (128 bit) and below, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to
> >Communicator v4.75 (128 bit). Netscape v4.75 (128 bit) is available for
> >download from the DoD Licensed Download Site."
> >
> >The first three listed are TM 11-5820-357-10, -20 and -35.  The last one
> >the big one and just under 10 megs.
> >
> >The pdf files apparently were OCR'ed -- not graphics of text.  Good news
> >the text is nice and sharp.  Possible bad news -- highly dependent on how
> >well the things were proofed, which I can attest to based on my
> >OCRing the '85 Navships manual for the R-390A Y2K manual.  So YMMV and
> >caveat emptor, etc.
> >Actually, I learned of the site from a post some time ago.  I don't
> >who it was, but the author seemed to know more about the security
> >authorization thing.  If you spread it around, maybe someone will surface
> >with more info about that.  I got the sense that there was some way to
> >routinely register to get access to more of the documents, but from the
> >itself, it doesn't look that way without being in the gov't. or military,
> >etc.
> >Enjoy...  and don't say I never gave you nuttin' -- unless the G-men ask,
> >which case you never heard of me.
> >
> >Barry

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