Hallicrafters FPM-300

Charles W. Morehouse w4gbw at BREVARD.NET
Thu Jun 14 18:40:56 EDT 2001

Hi Fred,
No 2.8 ohm resistors but you can get 2.7 or 3.0. Try Mouser 284-HS25-2.7 at
This is an aluminum housed , in cement, 280-CR25-2.7 $1.09. Hope this helps.
Luck and 73.

Fred Holnagel wrote:

> Does anyone have a junker FPM 300?  Looking for the filament dropping
> resistor R-122  (2.8 ohms at 25 watts). This is a smallish flat wound
> wire type mounted under the chassis in the compartment with the 12BY7. I
> have an adjustable 3 ohm, but a bit large for the spacve. Thanks

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