Homebrew Transmitter Inquiry

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Jun 23 12:22:32 EDT 2001

Around 1957, and I don't know for how many years before and after, a
small homebrew transmitter appeared in one of the ARRL series paperback
manuals, such as Hints and Kinks, the License Manual and a host of

These paperback "manuals" had the distinctive cover with a large red
rectangle in the upper left corner of the front cover, a black vertical
strip descending down from the left side of large red rectangle, and the
remainder of the page contained the photograph.  A red strip across the
bottom was black text on red background, reading "Published By The
American Radio Relay League."

The large red rectangle in the upper left quadrant of the cover is where
the title of the publicationn appeared.  (I'm sure you oldtimers, of
whom I am one, remember this series!).

HOW TO THE POINT:  I remember a homebrew Novice transmitter appearing in
one of these publications around 1957.  The transmitter was built on two
slats of wood laid horizontally across two wooden end pieces.  That
formed the "chassis"...there was a gap between the two horiz. slats.  I
believe the tank coil was "basket wound" around dowel rods and the only
tube in the transmitter was a 6L6, but I'm not certain of that last
"memory."  Nearly half a century downstream from the "boy" who never
built that little transmitter, I now want to do exactly that.

If anyone still has that publication (or reprint of the article), I
would love to purchase it or a copy of the article from you.  I don't
remember anything about the simple power supply, so if you have that
information also, that would be grrrrrrrrrr8t!

"DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!  Nostalgia attack!  Nostalgia attack!"

Thanks to anyone who can help me duplicate this little peanut whistle.
I would really prefer a copy of the article (or the original of the
publication) rather than just the schematic of that mighty mite from the

Does anyone remember this little "wooden wonder"?

THANKS es Sincerest 73,

Ron - K5MVR

K5MVR - Loving the "glow" since 1957
K (Kilo) 5 (Five) M (Mercury) V (Vapor)  R (Rectifier)
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