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Sat Jun 23 12:43:53 EDT 2001

Hey Guys,

Scrounging through a surplus electronics store here in Fort Worth, TX, I
found a wonderful First Edition of "FIFTY YEARS OF A.R.R.L.," published
in 1964.  The softcover book is in the "Published By the American Radio
Relay League" series, and is scarce, scarce, scarce...especially in this
nice condition.
(Copyright 1965, 1st edition, 151 pages)

The spine is not even bent (book never read), the binding is tight, all
pages present and free of any marks at all, the pages are new-white, and
the text is crisp and clear.  The only negative is a crease (not
intrusive, at all) on the front cover, bottom right corner and a similar
crease on the back cover, upper left.  These in no way detract from the
clean, almost new appearance of the book.  Hiram Percy Maxim is shown on
the front cover.

The book recounts much more than just the story of the ARRL in its 1st
50 years (1914-1964); it is very much a history of amateur radio and a
tribute to the men who made it what it is today (with their names and
callsigns).  The black and white photos alone of the ham stations of
that half-century are worth the price of the book. Some of the early
Collins gear is prominently featured.

First firm $10 takes it!  (You pay actual shipping, carrier of your
choice, suggest USPS, Priority Mail, approx. $3)

This is one I'm going to wish I had kept...I know that already.


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