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Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Sat Jun 23 16:34:30 EDT 2001

If anyone is interested, I can E-Mail them the copies of the court documents!  There was no "muscle" involved although Mr. Groome tried to claim this in court.  The Paris Police Officers involved testified to that.  The dispute was over Mr. Groome's claim to have invested over $1100 in labor on two radios that are not worth that much.  I can E-Mail anyone who is interested the court documents.  Anything else claimed by Mr. Groome can be disputeded by contacting the court and obtaining copies of the transcript.

By the way, a "hearing" is a court case!  Mr. Groome is correct that this was the "technical" name for the procedings.  There was presiding judge, baliff, and court reporter present.  Although Mr. Groome tried to claim "strong arm" tactics, the presiding judge, after questioning the two Paris Police Department Officers involved, "quashed" those claims.  Mr. Groome was represented by an attorney who examined, or cross-examined, all of the witnesses.  It was also pointed out by one of the Police Officers that the Paris Police Department had received other complaints against Mr. Groome's business practices both as My Vintage Radios (now Vintage Radios of NE Texas) and under former business names.  This testimony should be in the transcript.  When the verdict was rendered against Mr. Groome, his attorney asked for a "stay" to be put on the equipment so that Mr. Smith could not dispose of it.  The attorney first asked for 90 days, then 60 days, then 30 days.  Each of these requests were denied by the judge.  Also, Mr. Groome could have appealed the verdict and the judgement in favor of Mr. Smith.  However, he did not do so.  Although I do not know the exact reason why this was not done, I would think that this was due to the advice of Mr. Groome's attorney.

As I said in my first E-Mail, I would have thought Mr. Groome would not wish to air this particular "dirty laundry".  However, he obviously does wish to do so.  All that he is doing is to dig himself deeper and deeper into a mire of lies, deceipt, and distortions.

Mr. Groome's reputation precedes him and he is doing nothing to change anyone's opinion of this.

Therefore, since I have disclosed the facts in the court case, and Mr. Groome has seen fit to try to distort and deny them, I cannot objectively offer anything more except to make the two court documents available to whoever wants them.  They really say little except the final verdict of the case.

I have been informed that several other Texas amateur radio operators are considering bringing suit against Mr. Groome for various acts that he has allegedly committed.  If these are filed, they will be filed in Dallas County and not Lamar County.  But, since I have no "stake" in these, I am not a party to the "details" of these potential lawsuits and one can consider this to be "heresay".

Also, I have had a "chance" to examine some of Mr. Groome's restoration work, especially his repainting.  One of these actually involved the removal of his packing material from the item (it was never touched by anyone until this original packing put on the item by Mr. Groome was removed).  Large areas of the top of the case in question had not been repainted (large "splotches" of missing paint) and the main portion of the case had oversprayed scratches, missing paint, etc.  The other case had paint "flaking" and a number of the perforations filled in with paint as well as not being of the original "hue" and texture of the original paint.

Enough said.

Even though Mr. Groome intends to keep his "tirade" going, I will henceforth refrain from making any more comments on this particular subject.  I believe that the subscribers to this reflector have "heard enough" even though Mr. Groome has not offered his apologies to those persons he originally "slandered" with his comments on the Central Electronics 20A, nor will he offer me an apology for attempting to question my abilities and my integrity.  Frankly, I have not been insulted.  For someone to be able to insult me, I have to respect their views and opinions.  In the case of Mr. Groome, such is not the case and, therefore, he cannot insult me.  Mr. Groome started this exchange by first slandering those persons who made a reasonable comment about the modulation transformers in the 20A and then by attacking my testimony in the aforementioned court case even though it had not even been mentioned.  But, I am quite willing to allow him the last word, and I am certainly aware that we will be hearing from him.

Glen, K9STH

k5ceg wrote:

> mr zook is a bigger liar than a talker.# 1 there wasnt a court case.there was a hearing to determine the owner ship of 2 radios. that mr smith owned. there was no dispute of owner ship.there was a question about mr smith using muscle against a 82 year old man in my store.the 82 year old man couldnt resist 2 thugs against him.i wasnt even there.had they waited for my return mr smith would have gotten his radios free of charge.the 82 year old man watching the store had no idea of what was going on and asked them to come back later.they shoved him aside and took the radios.this 82 year old man is a ham operator and  also  a heart patient.takes a big person to push one that age around.this is the truth and they know it . anyone can think they are a big stud behind a computer.thats why the last round of flaming i kept quiet.this was a private matter which i was more than willing to take up with the people involved.they tried to destroy my business by bombarding the computer and ham bands with lies and off the wall comments.every body just as well believe what they would like, and the computer or ham bands are no place for this crap.i did not carry my comments to the point which they did ,they should  see how child like and cowardly the act of hiding behind a key board is.i just dont understand  if someone has a complaint against me, why dont they come face to face with me.i am a man of my word and dont have to spread lies and gossip via the computer.they know where my store is, and my home is, if they have a problem.come on over. sorry for the group having to see all this,but if you take note it is always the same few spreading this mess around themselves,just like a pile of trash attracting maggots. chuck groome

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