The Little 6V6 Tramsmitter

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Jun 24 00:32:40 EDT 2001

Thanks to the dozens and dozens of gracious and helpful hams who offered
to make printed copies and mail them to me for cost, those who pointed
me to other books,  those who pointed me to a perfectly wonderful site
(I'll give u the URL in a sec!) and those who wrote just to reminisce
with me about the teeny rf squirter built on 4 boards and using only a
single 6V6 (some said a 6C6 would work also).  We had a great time
tonight walking down memory lane and remembering a time when talking
across town with a transmitter of our own making was the closest thing
to MAGIC on this pale blue planet.  How innocent we
unspoiled...full of the mystery of it all...and in love with a
hobby...a way of life that enriches our lives still...for some of
us...3/4 of our life...for others, perhaps, even more.

This is the URL where you can see the little peanut whistle that so
intrigued me over 44 years ago that a body I scarcely
recognize...with hair that just can't be mine...eyes growing dimmer,
breath coming harder...and with children twice as old as I was when I
became a ham..."so intrigued me" that even now I am gathering parts to
give the little guy a voice once again.  Get out the irons,
too, boys!!  We have FUN to do!

(A special thanks to John, KU4AF for the URL above.  Cool place.)

The site gives the complete article, photos, and all construction plans.

The article originally appeared in the late 1940's in Radio Amateur's
Handbook and was still in there until 1951, possibly later.  It was also
published in the ARRL publication "How To Become An Amateur Radio
Operator" in the first part of the 50's.  More exact details if u need

Enjoy!  "GENTLEMEN!  Start your soldering irons!"

73, Guys......time to get some zzzzzzzzzzz's

Ron - K5MVR
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