Homebrew Transmitter Inquiry

Lenny lenny-t at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Sun Jun 24 10:33:55 EDT 2001

O boy! This was the first xmtr I ever built - back in 1957.  I have
never had so much enjoyment  as a ham as I did as a Novice with that
xmtr and a BC-455 receiver. I'm pretty sure I still have the 1956 copy
of "How to Become a Radio Amateur" which had the xmtr plans along with
plans for a killer (literally) power supply. I will be visiting the old
homestead in New Hampshire in July and I will search for it and post it
if nobody beats me to it. One note: the TVI was so bad I couldn't fire
it up in the evening... used to sneak out of bed after midnite to work

---Lenny (ex-W1MEL)

Ron Evans <cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM> wrote:
> HOW TO THE POINT:  I remember a homebrew Novice transmitter appearing in
> one of these publications around 1957.  The transmitter was built on two
> slats of wood laid horizontally across two wooden end pieces.  That
> formed the "chassis"...there was a gap between the two horiz. slats.  I
> believe the tank coil was "basket wound" around dowel rods and the only
> tube in the transmitter was a 6L6, but I'm not certain of that last
> "memory."  Nearly half a century downstream from the "boy" who never
> built that little transmitter, I now want to do exactly that.
> If anyone still has that publication (or reprint of the article), I
> would love to purchase it or a copy of the article from you.  I don't
> remember anything about the simple power supply, so if you have that
> information also, that would be grrrrrrrrrr8t!

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