The Little 6V6 Tramsmitter

Hue Miller kargokult at PROAXIS.COM
Sat Jun 23 12:59:41 EDT 2001

> The article originally appeared in the late 1940's in Radio
> Handbook and was still in there until 1951, possibly later.  It was
> published in the ARRL publication "How To Become An Amateur Radio
> Operator" in the first part of the 50's.  More exact details if u
> them.
> Ron - K5MVR

The same transmitter, circuit-wise, appeared in 'Electronics
around 1963, as a cover-story article. It used an actual board, bread
board construction, so was mechanically even simpler than the
ARRL's -
but maybe not as neat looking.
The website is good, but i'd just make one little point, that with a
xmtr it would be very unlikely the  novice would use a single-stage
receiver, more likely a dual-section or 2-tube set. Even Midwest
Electronics, with their  1-tube Novice transceiver, recognized the
for some  more oomph for ham signals, and sold an "upgrade" of a
second audio tube for this kit.
Hue Miller

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